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14 Days Of Valentines
I went to a dollar store and bought 14 little gifts. I gave them to him one day at a time from February 1st to the 14th. I gave him his real present on Valentines Day, but it was fun for him to have 14 days of Valentines instead of just one.

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The Best Valentines Gift for Someone on a Diet or Weight Conscious
By Katie Storm

Valentines Day is a time to express your love and yet it's long been a tradition of giving large and elaborate boxes of chocolates. After months of holiday treats and banquets one more hit to the waist line can be the dreaded nail in the coffin as we all battle to lose those holiday pounds. The best Valentines gift for someone on a diet or weight conscious is not a box of chocolates.

For the one you love and enjoy spending your life with you want better for them than an unhealthy box of sugary chocolates. This big beautiful box of candy is just to tempting and swim suit season is fast approaching. The last thing we want to do to someone we love is to contribute to them feeling bad about their bodies.

I had a great idea the other day and came up with a gift idea that is so good it'll have us all forgetting about those chocolates. This in fact could change the entire holiday by removing the pressure to buy the same tired old gifts. The gift I have in mind is a much more romantic gift; it's the gift of your love song. Every couple has a love song or two they adore and consider to be their song. What you do is buy your Valentine a song player and download your love song or songs onto it.

When you give them the gift be sure to tell them that every time you hear the songs you've included on the player you think of them. What a romantic gift. Everyone loves music as it inspires and motivates us through so many crucial moments in our lives. You my friend have just made your self an intricate part of the profound moment's music supports in our lives.

This will go down as a Valentines Day to remember and one never to be beat. There are no worries there either every year after this all you need to do is buy your sweetheart a gift card to buy more songs to add to their music collection. This is the gift of love that will be there everyday reminding them of you and one that keeps on giving. Now that you know the best gift for someone on a diet or weight conscious you need not worry again for you are the gift giving cupid of love.

Here is what I've got; an interactive website to pick and choose the best iPod and love songs for your dieter! Jump over to love songs and become a gift giving legend!

Much Love and Success,
Katie Article Source:


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Q. hello my name is edith and i was wondering what i could do for my husband on valentines day? we've had some problems and I want to show him that I really do love him.

A. hello edith - thanks for stopping by in the live chatroom - sorry I missed ya, I was out buying camping equipment today with my husband... fun fun, but I like hotels better!

ok, so, you want to know ... "what I could do for my husband"
first of all, did you already check my valentines and gifts4men pages? - Both sections have some free ideas and gift ideas in several categories...

don't forget - there are a million 'free' ways to show your husband you love him - every day, of course... Try to think from his point of view, and be the wife he wants and needs you to be. That's free!! Sometimes personal sacrifice is the most pure gift of love - Start today, don't explain it to your husband, and don't wait for february 14th! :)

then on valentines day, simply make him a valentine from construction paper - silly as possible - make it a fun, love, holiday - make his favorite dessert - think of his simple pleasures and re-create them.

let me know if can advise you better ... send more details, and let me know what you decide to do - I always love great ideas for next year!!!

thanks for writing edith, hope you have a wonderful valentines day!
- nancy 1-28-06 Widgets


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