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KIDS Halloween Costumes


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Kids costumes, baby costumes,
toddler costumes, home made
or store bought,
there are plenty of ideas
for childrens costumes here!


Creative Ideas For Kids Halloween Costumes
By Phil Sikes

Children usually anticipate Halloween for two reasons. The first is that they have a chance to dress up as their favorite characters. The second is that after they dress up, they get to go door to door, asking neighbors for candy. And the more candy you give them, the better. For these reasons, it is important that the kids Halloween costumes be perfect.

Kids Halloween costumes come in all kinds of different styles. Some choose to dress up as their favorite superhero or cartoon character. Others choose more traditional Halloween costumes such as witches, black cats, and monsters. They can also be happy, like clowns, or scary and modeled after popular horror movie characters.

Often, the kids Halloween costumes that the children wear will depend on the parents. Some wonít let their kids wear scary costumes. Other parents donít mind. But as long as the child is still allowed to go trick or treating, in the end theyíll probably get over any initial disappointment.

Choosing Kids Halloween Costumes

The first step is to choose the kids Halloween costumes that your children will be wearing. Start by asking them what they want to be. If they express an interest and wanting to dress as something violent, such as a horror movie villain, you may want to intervene. If dressing up like this is all in fun, then perhaps you wonít mind.

If they can't seem to decide, give them a few choices. Think about the shoes they watch, the books and comics they read, and the toys they tend to play with. Before you give them a choice, you may want to check in advance to make sure you can easily obtain the costume as a rental, to purchase, or the pattern and its necessary materials.

Getting the Costumes

The next step after your children decide which kids Halloween costumes they want to wear, you'll need to either buy it, rent it, borrow it, or make it. What you do will depend on your budget, the availability, and whether or not they will wear it again.

Costume shops are great for both purchasing and renting. You can find patterns in craft books, at the local craft shop, and online. Ask others if they have a costume you can borrow. You can either purchase it used from the classified or an online auction site.

Making the Costumes

If you do decide to make the kids Halloween costumes this will require some advanced planning. This isn't a project that can wait until the last minute because you need to give yourselves time to complete the project and allow for even more time to fix any mistakes or start over if you need to. You don't want it to be the evening of Trick-or-Treat when you find out that the costume doesn't fit properly. By then, the stores will pretty much be out of costumes. No matter what you decide, the number one thing is to make sure your children are happy.

Phil Sikes shares Halloween costume ideas and other related tips & ideas at the Get In Costume website. Get more creative costume ideas at  Article Source:


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Kid's Costumes


Dean's Gory Make-At-Home
Bloody Makeup Recipe:

Mix plain knox gelatin with hot water, add lots & lots of red food color.
Let the mixture cool.

Be Careful, Its Hot!

Let it cool!

SAFETY FIRST - When its cool enough to apply to the face,
begin smearing it wherever you want to look gory.

Layer the gelatin with rice krispies
or any breakfast cereal flakes for sickening scars,
and add ladies foundation makeup for a more fleshy look,
or use green food color or halloween make up for a zombie look.

Watch Out- It Will Stain Clothing and Skin!



Children's Costumes on Sale! Up to 40% off popular costumes for babies and kids.


Easy Costume Ideas
with some awesome examples from our friends & family !

The photos show grown-ups, but any of these costumes can be adapted for children!


Magic Cabin







half price costumes

























dean at sea Pirate: Dark colored sweats, torn/cut-off below the knee, wide large belt or sash, long socks or tights, bandana around head, one gold hoop earring, white long sleeve tattered shirt, (burn holes are good) scarves and around waist and head, torn and tattered vest, complete with cheap toy sword & musket.
Eyepatch optional...Some pirates had two good eyes!
Striped thigh high socks look great, but I know of no pirates that wore red & white striped shirts except the ones at Disneyland.





Nerd: start with plaid pants that are just too short, button-up shirt that does not match, bow tie, white socks, dark ugly shoes and glasses with masking tape around the nose piece. Stick a calculator in your pocket. (or a slide rule if you have one!) Be sure to add extra grease to your hair!



peace hippie tie dye shirt, leather vest, long straight hair, round john-lennon glasses, peace sign necklace, bell bottom pants, a anti-war sign to carry. flower power!






TOURIST: Wear bermuda shorts, a floral button up shirt, white shoes with dark socks up to the calf, a large floppy hat, sunglasses with the tag on, sunscreen in your pocket, a fanny pack, and a camera around your neck.




The easiest and cheapest Halloween costume I ever made was for my son when he was about 10. It was a caveman costume. I have made a fake fur coat for my husband so I took the scraps and tied them together to make a costume. The odd shaped pieces made it look like a real animal skin. He put make-up on to look dirty and I think we made some kind of stick for him to carry. Pat W, Omaha, NE



Roman Emperor/Toga - tie the corners of a white sheet, slip it over your shoulder, make yourself a leafy crown, you are ready to party!




best costume


Square Dancer:for this costume I used two tule skirts from the thrift store, a peasant blouse, a modified skirt, and I ran hangar wire through my hair to create pippi longstocking style braids. I won the costume prize on "wild west day" at my work, hahaha






Cheerleader: Short skirt, pleated is best, coordinating sweater with a big initial on the front, bobby socks, tennis shoes, hair in ponytails, toy pom poms or a paint up a homemade cardboard megaphone! (then you can yell trick-or-treat though it!)




Witch: Wear all-black clothes, and draped as possible, but anything will do, depending how "modern" you want to be. a great witchy wig idea: a hula skirt worn on your head, under your hat! Try mixing some regular green halloween make-up with ladies face make-up for a great paste-y green color! spread it on your arms too, if they are showing... decorate your witch's hat with black or purple tulle, flowing down behind you, add a plastic spider too! very dramatic!




Hula Girl:
depending on the weather, wear either a grass skirt and a bikini top, or a floral mu-mu dress. Add a flower lei, and shell accessories, and flowers in your hair






Any color leotard can be a CRAYON! Dress in matching leotard and tights. Get a piece of poster paper and create the paper "wrapper". Spray paint a flower pot as the crayon "point" to wear as a hat. The only down side of this outfit is that you can't sit down in the crayon once you put on the wrapper!!! Ride A UnicornVery cheap, very quick and easy! ... Our 6 year old is going to be a unicorn this year. I am making a yarn "mane", "tail" and a fabric horn to wear on her head (kind of like a skinny party hat!) Total cost: $5 for yarn and remnant for horn, and a new pair of tights. --Deb in Maryland







SHOCK from
"Nightmare Before Christmas"
Made from a store-bought pattern.There are many simple and not-so-simple costume patterns & fabrics available at Wholesale to the public! and








Mummy: Take an old white sheet, lightly dye it in tea (to give it an aged look), cut into strips, and then hot glue it to old sweat pants, shirts and shoes. You can use a ski mask for the head and face. Note - use newspaper to inflate the clothes when using the hot glue so that the front doesn't get glued to the back.




this dress style is good for several costumes

Gypsy: Long skirt, or several layered skirts, off-shoulder gathered peasant blouse, lots of beads and earrings, long scarves around waist and head, carry something mystical, like a "crystal" ball or astrological chart!







Vampire A long black coat & cape, white shirt is a good backup. Paint your face white, then use a lip pencil to draw bite marks on your neck. Outline eyes in black, paint lips red ... Wear a cummerbund or sash and large bling rings. Don't forget the teeth!!


Cutest Halloween costumes for babies at SHOP.COM


A Gift or Present The easiest costume (and cheapest) I ever made was when my daughter was about seven. I got a big box, took off the bottom, cut holes for arms and head, and wrapped in in gift wrap. Then I taped ribbon around it, and tied lots of curly ribbons in her hair. She went as a present. Everyone raved about how cute and clever the costume was. I was thrilled that, after years of sewing, one with so little effort got such a result! --Cherie J. Michigan



Little Dutch Girl. blue dress, white apron, yarn wig bangs and big thick yellow braids wooden shoes, if you can find them!




zombie - torn up clothes, deans gory blood flesh recipe, below, make it extra thick, add cereal like corn flakes for really gross texture, paste it all over your face..






many of the photos above are of myself, my friends & family - if you have a photo of yourself in a fun easy halloween costume, we'd love to post it here for everyone to enjoy - just send your photo to



Frank Bee Costume Center
Doing business in the same location since *1957!
THE LARGEST COLLECTION OF COSTUMES, THOUSANDS TO SELECT FROM! Specializing in Infant Costumes, Children's Costumes, Adult Costumes (All Sizes: XSmall -- 4XL), Medieval costumes, Renaissance Costumes, Wigs, Masks, Makeup and Props.















Kids Costumes


Clearance Costumes from Costume Express





































Children's Halloween Costumes

Kids Costumes



girls spookshop




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RustyZipper.Com Vintage Clothing on the Web





How to Make a Frugal Harry Potter Costume

hellboy tfaw

Jessamyn's Regency Costume Companion


The Bridge School - Halloween Costumes
includes Halloween Costumes for Kids Who Use Wheelchairs





Costume Ideas Like You Never Imagined For Halloween!
By William Lezubski

Halloween is quickly approaching and if you’re searching for costume ideas, let us assist you in finding an exciting costume for this once a year spooktacular event!

Many of your ideas may come easily from watching your favorite movies, or you may read about the hottest trends for the holidays in your desired magazines, and come up with a really creative idea for a great costume character.

Jr. Astronaut Launch/Entry Spacesuit (Toddler) Your child will be ready to lift off to the International Space Station with this astronaut flight suit. This authentic flight suit is made of heavyweight 100%-cotton twill and is machine washable for many years of astronaut training. Our child style flight suit is available in three sizes...2, 4, and 6 year.
International Space Station
Astronaut Flight Suit - Child

Countdown Creations
Glow Light Stick

However, if you happen to be at a loss for a unique costume idea this year, times a ticking! Don't worry, we can offer you a list of the newest Halloween costumes available, and add a little twist that will make a hilarious splash for your outfit this season.

Halloween fun starts when you create that unique costume, that everybody wonders how you came up with that concept! Many adults and kids love to be the center of attention with the most creative characters that no one else will have, and that’s a tough task in itself when there are dozens of retail stores selling the exact same Halloween costume.

The best costume tips we can offer to ensure that you don’t have half a dozen people with the same Halloween outfit, is to try and mix and match the costume, in order to create an outrageous combination, which will have your friends and family howling their heads off!

Think Out Of The Costume Box To Get Those Creative, And Fun Juices Flowing!


If you’re having a little trouble coming up with something that will wow your party guests, remember you must think outside the box! If you need a little push in the right direction, let us offer you a few of our suggestions to get you started, and see if you can expand on our outrageous Halloween tips.

Become a Vampire Baby: Just think about it for a second? Dracula had to be born and brought into this world just like us, so did you think he came into this world with his fancy ensemble? Of course not, so how about taking a large blanket for a diaper, a full-size skin tone color or light grey body tights, cape, white face paint, blood, and a pair of fangs. Add a baby bottle filled with deep red cranberry juice and VOILA!


Now with your baby vampire outfit ready to take on the dark underworld of infants, we are sure you can imagine the laughs you will get, and I bet you wouldn’t have thought that Dracula would be getting his/her gruesome cheeks pinched so much during the night. After your party, it’s going to be rather painful crawling back into your coffin.

moon costumeHere’s another wacky one! Cross-Dressing Darth Vader: Find a really awful dress, preferably off-white or pink, and get your hands on a Darth Vader mask. Now we’re sure with the popularity of Star Wars that you will come across many Vader costumes, but while they may be switching over to the dark side that night, you will be flipping-over to the Darth Vader Cross-dressing side.

Come on, can’t you picture this great idea! Going up to guests at your party and saying, “Luke, I’m really your mother!” Ok let’s move on, maybe you’ll like our next idea!


Kids Ideas Are Very Creative When It Comes To Wacky Costume Fun!

Children are the best source when it comes to thinking of crazy ideas, and they can easily turn up with some mad creations! If you don’t have any kids to help you, then contact the closest friend that has a bizarre imagination. If you can do it on your own, then we suggest you jump on your witches broom, and fly with your off the wall idea.

It’s crunch time, and you want to make your ideas fun and unique. If you happen to like our wild ideas, and they find your funny bone, then go with them. Or if you would like to create your own concept, go for it.

The bottom line here is that we want you to achieve a great costume idea, by taking simple concepts and letting your ideas work to create that little twist, that will make your outfit that much better. Your Costume will be so funny that you will have all your guests laughing in stitches. Hmmm., stitches, I think we have another great idea for a costume!

About the author: William is the owner and the author of “1st In Halloween Costumes” available at A great source for Adult Halloween Costumes online! You can easily find and compare halloween sites offering quality adult costumes, sexy adult costumes, and adult halloween costume ideas.

Article Source:

tfaw superhero

Kid's Halloween Costumes

Home Made Star Wars Costumes

Costumes by Archie McPhee



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How to Make Children's Costumes


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moon costumes

moon costumes




costume craze
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