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... I think that parents only get so offended by television because they rely on it as a babysitter and the sole educator of their kids.
-- Trey Parker and Matt Stone, South Park, Death, 1997

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Here are some links to Matt N Trey stuff:


Congratulations to "BOOK OF MORMON" on winning 9 Tony Awards! Great Job Guys! 

My All-American (2011)

Giant Monsters Attack Japan!

Sept 2009 - Trey visits Central Michigan University

Gonna have ourselves a time Q&A

more "Trey Parker" links

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Thanks for dropping by, and hope you see you here again soon! -- Nancy
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The DVD rocks... I loved the documentary "how they did it" features. What a complex film.
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Team America on DVD !
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I love Matt & Trey... they so totally rock!
I am thrilled and amazed that they can still make me laugh SO HARD after so many years. In these freaky post 9-11 times, they are a comfort to me, like kindred spirit, saying the same things about our world and our government that I have been saying to my neighbors, but they get to say it on TV!

Every project, every South Park ... I love the songs and music in every episode! I love that each week's show is based on current events. I can rely on Matt & Trey to send important social messages, and do it with belly busting laughs :)

That said, Matt & Trey pages on the internet are dropping like flies.
I feel bad that I have not kept this site up like I should....
I work full time, training adults with developmental disabilities at Desert Haven. I have other popular excuses, really... but I play RCT or Facebook Games too much, chat on IRC, and I spend my evenings helping to produce an online TV show (used to be local cable access) ... more about that at

I do not want my site to fade away, so I will offer as much as I can for you all to see. My only claim to internet fame is that my Matt & Trey site was the first of it's kind in early 1998. Back then it wasn't easy to find out what the best small business web hosting was and there were only a handful of (slower) servers but I raced on in '98 by doing lots of old fashioned research. This was the first website dedicated to Matt and Trey and all of their projects, not just South Park. Guys who went to high school with Trey, scanned their yearbooks for me, because it was quite difficult to find photos and stuff about the guys back then...haha

So, while hardly anything on the internet is free anymore, I will do my best to provide a little bit of cool content, it's the least I can do for Matt & Trey, because they have provided me and my friends with so much fun and laughs.



Videos on YouTube

Many folks have uploaded some great & rare Matt & Trey stuff - like these:

Treats from Troma!

Opening scene of Cannibal: The Musical

Thanks to Lloyd @ Troma for the fun videos!


Hermaphrodite PSA from Terror Firmer Starring
Trey Parker and Matt Stone of South Park and Lemmy from Motorhead!

Check out more videos at YouTube:




Hey, How's Your News?

read my review of this insightful documentary,
exec-produced by Matt & Trey

or visit


Seeing a copy of a copy of "spirit of christmas"
in my own home, in what like 1996(?)
that's what started my
Matt & Trey obsession...
then I was an extra in BASEketball...
and I was really hooked!
- read all about it here

I recently discovered a fantasic BASEketball page, chock full of game rules, photos, and MP3's from the film, check it out!


People have been writing to me for years, asking me where to buy themselves a copy of the soundtrack to Cannibal! The Musical... I bought a copy back in 2000 when I saw a screening of Cannibal! in Santa Monica. Well I am thrilled to announce that the CRAPTV store is once again open and they have the soundtrack for sale for only $14.99, as well as some kickass Orgazmo shirts! Get yours today!




Since early 1998, I have collected nearly 600 images over the years, screenshots from Matt & Trey's films and TV, and appearances. I created a gallery of the photos, and it continues to grow out of my control!

"Man, I've never seen so many pictures of them in my life!" --chrissy

...I can't put it up the images for public consumption, because inconsiderate assholes keep hotlinking to the images, and I get charged extra for the traffic.

Write to me, and I will send you the address of my Matt & Trey gallery.
The URL changes monthly.

Some of the screenshots were taken myself, but many of them were donated by Angie when she took her gallery down, and lovingly borrowed from, CrapTV,,,, universal, nbc, rolling stone magazine, Eonline, and many others since Matt & Trey first started appearing on the internet.



Here's what some folks have said,
so far,
about my Matt & Trey photo gallery:

"Dude, That gallery rocked. If you get anymore pics dude. E-mail me. See ya Dude!!!" -- Aimee
"Your gallery is fantastic!!! Thanks so much!!! You have so many pictures!!!" -- Rachel
"Hi! I absolutely loved the gallery. Good Work ;) Thanks for the link again".-- Cecilia
"WOW thats some gallery " --tuft
"Wow, thank you so much. The gallery is outstanding! It definitley brightens my life. Thanks again!" -- Sarah
The gallery is awesome.Great job!-- Maite
"Man, I've never seen so many pictures of them in my life!" --chrissy
"I love this gallery, thanks alot." --Vid Tor
"Thanx very much 4 the link. It was awesome. Keep up the good work! :) " -- smelly
"great pics" -- Jarrod
"I have seen your incredible gallery, I am completely shocked, it is so wonderful...thank you so much from Spain" --dabina
"nice job on the gallery" -- meaow
"...the gallery was pretty good. Definitely the best on the web." --AM
"It looks great and I personally LOVE IT." --NPC
"I'm donating two dollars right now, GREAT JOB!" -- candy
"thank you thank you thank you!!!! I love it, a lot! Especially the early picture of them at school!!!!! Thanks again" --Tracey
"thank u very much your gallery is awesome" --mayra
"It took me hours to get all the way throught it!" --Joel
"great pictures man keep them coming" --pat
" many nice pictures of Matt and Trey that I had never seen before! Thanks so much. You totally rock!!!" -- Alana
"Wow...thanks for the link! Very extensive collection!" -- Brandy
Thanks soo much! i love the pictures!! Thanks again :-) -- Curlygirl2001
Sweeeeeet! Thanks, so much for digging through your stash of Matt & Trey goodies! --Paul
Holy Crap! That was amazing! -- cobra0327
WHOA!!!!!! I have never seen so many pictures of Matt and Trey IN MY LIFE!!!! They're great, keep up the good work! -- eloise


Write to me, and I will send you the address of my Matt & Trey gallery.



One of my favorite films of all time, I got to see Cannibal! The Musical pretty early compared to the rest of the world. It happened to be the second feature on a Troma screener tape. Our friend Michael Berryman happened to star in the other film, and he gave us the tape. We had seen South Park, and read a little bit about Cannibal in Rolling Stone, so we knew we had found a jewel!
We eventually wore out the tape
, and did end up buying a copy directly from Troma. Retail versions on VHS were anywhere from 60 to 100 dollars! Now we have the DVD, and the drunken commentary track, alone, is worth the price of a DVD player!... Pick it up, cheap, at

In 2000, my friend Grizelda and I got to see Cannibal! on a big screen at the Nuart Theatre in Santa Monica, where I had the privilege of purchasing a rare Cannibal! The Musical soundtrack CD and I also received a nifty Troma Diploma!


Back in 1998, my friend Grizelda waxed neurotic about "Cannibal the Musical"




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    • A live performance, and the first official release, by Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s rock band DVDA form their blistering and historic set at Lapdance 2000.
    • Live performance by Banyan (featuring Jane’s Addiction drummer Stephen Perkins and punk legend Mike Watt).
    • Live performance from the Bay Area’s Latin-funk-groove-sensation (and Lapdance House band) Vinyl.
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    • Pornstars Sky and Melissa Hill make special nurse appearances in 2001.
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I've been spending lots of time at, a very cool south park site run by the actual sp production team and comedy central. They've always got the real scoop on all things Matt & Trey.

There were some BASEketball fan sites cropping up ( I still get tons of mail from people regarding this hilarious film.

At they have a poll that asks people if they think that Matt & Trey wrote and directed BASEketball, and 45% of the people did not know!!
(M&T starred in BASEketball, and it seemed as though they ad-libbed during the whole film, but no, they did not write or direct it...)


Over the years, many fans have spent many hours hooking you up with the latest matt & trey swag... The girls who used to run (formerly from dtisfu and did a great job of keeping up with they guys. Thanks so much to melissa, jennifer, and lori for all the hard work they put into that fantastic site... good job! ... used to be loaded with pics, videos and sounds of the boys. A page that WAS around as long as mine - seems to be gone now: "Just Another Trey Parker FAN PAGE!" - seems that people cant keep their sites online, but I appreciate all the time and effort none the less. NOT OWNED -- LAME - trey or comedy central needs to buy that domain. - A trey parker page (no longer updated, but still online)

Cock Beer
- has been around about as long as my site,
last updated 2/2005 - lots of great interviews in .wav format

Trey Parker and Matt Stone Quotes - The Quotations Page

The Unofficial Matt Stone Site - GOOD LINK but not updated since 2003


Matt & Trey eBay Shop



nor do not have an e-mail address for Matt and Trey
but I do have two unverified postal addresses:

Trey Parker (or Matt Stone)
c/o Williams Morris Agency
151 El Camino Dr.
Beverly Hills CA 90212

I do not have, nor do I plan to acquire, their home phone number, home addresses, cell phone number, office phone number, office address, or chest size, nor can I forward a SP script, (I heard that they do not read south park scripts ideas anyway) nor can I "get them in touch with you"... but thanks for asking...

To send mail to comedy central it's

South Park (Trey and Matt)
C/O Comedy Central
1775 Broadway
New York , NY 10019

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